We all play a part in the success of this nation and its survival.

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This book was written not by a professional writer but an ordinary citizen who has been a business CEO for many years and not a politician. I have been very frustrated with what I have seen going on in our country for a long time and wanted to put my frustrations in writing in wide-ranging chapters you may enjoy.

We are at a serious crossroads in our country and a very scary time for all of us. I am not seeing much goodwill in Washington and may I say, a real lack of civility within America.

Many people are not able to have a conversation anymore in a civil and respectful manner without fighting and screaming at each other. It’s causing a serious divide within our families, friends, and country and it must stop. In addition, we are now dealing with the same divide with the Covid challenges.

My book describes what’s wrong with America and its leaders, and what citizens can do to make changes. That is why I list how to share your opinions with every member of Congress and some federal officials.

From immigration to inflation, China to the Middle East, you may agree with me about the problems America faces in 2022 and beyond. I offer some ideas on what Americans can do to make changes. Start by sharing your opinions with your members of Congress. I list how to do that in my book.

--Peter Murphy

We look at Donald Trump, a famous business tycoon through the lens of a citizen providing some insights into the background of America’s Business President. Join author Peter Murphy as he breaks down the facts from a shockingly relevant business-savvy perspective. We look at Trump’s struggles, successes, and areas that could have been better for him and the country.

We look at Joe Biden, Political President, and his background and where he is taking the country. What are the differences between these two men and their politics? Are they very different in their styles and politics? And who will go into the history books as the president who did most for our country and our people? And what’s ahead for 2024?

We must judge our politicians on their performances and how they are making the lives of its citizens better and not if they are Republican, Independent or Democrat. I personally don’t care, I want results and solutions.

This book is informative, educational, and fun to read. Please have an open mind. I believe all our struggles and challenges are different as discussed in my book. And how we rise up and deal with these challenges is what makes us a stronger people and a stronger United States of America.

“Murphy’s no-nonsense, practical approach to analyzing and breaking down the two different presidential styles, their pros and cons, and what potential ultimate outcomes might look like, is presented in lay man’s terms, is a great easy read, and a book people from all sides should read. I highly recommend this book.”

About the Author

Peter Murphy grew up in a small village in southern Ireland and immigrated to the United States in 1986. He lived in Boston for 33 years and then moved to Southwest Florida in 2019. He is a business CEO who spent most of his career running his businesses from a startup of one person to 50 people and later expanding and building his second company to 250 people and $100 million in revenue.

He specialized in engineering and construction and has designed engineered pallet racking systems for many companies across the USA. He received the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year regional award in 2009. He always enjoyed the challenge of working and taking on projects that challenged him and sometimes took him beyond his comfort zone.

Peter and his wife love, golf, travel, and boating.

Be a part of the discussion.  Be a part of the change for a greater America!

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