Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2024 – No, Donald Trump Is Running for all of the Free World!

If Trump runs is will be running for so much more, He is running as the leader of the free world and the future hope for all others who have ambitions to live in a free world.

Let’s look at what has happened in the last two years in our great country under a Political President:


We have inflation through the roof at 8.5% and I believe it could be higher, we have gas for our vehicles at an all-time high and because President Biden decided to kill fossil fuels in favor of his Green New Deal agenda and push everyone to purchase Battery operated cars to save the planet at a cost of over $65 per car and the cost of charging this vehicle and we are not yet ready with the vast services we need to be able to do this. Our grid is not capable of being able to charge 100 million cars at the same time. I write extensively about this in my new book Business or Political President which is on Amazon. Why would an American President make the lives of his people so difficult and cause pain and suffering and financial hardship to us all whether your Democrat or Republican or Independent. I clearly understand we must make changes, but it must be transitioned over reasonable time giving people time to adopt and being able to allow our grid to be strong and capable of supporting this massive change. Washington should be spending money building a stronger grid that cannot be hacked by Russia and China.

You never hear anyone talking about rare earths which is needed to make batteries for these cars that Biden wants us all to drive. China controls 93% of the world’s minerals and more then 99% of the worlds supply of these prized minerals. These products are used in cell phones, fiber optic cables medical devices, high performance magnets in jet fighters, wind turbines, and electric vehicles engines.

I write extensively in my book about countries like China and India the largest polluters in the world having no intension of making changes like the U.S are currently making to stop polluting the world. China is building a coal plant every month to keep up with there growing economy. Why are we destroying our economy and the lives of our citizens when these other countries have no intention of making any changes. This needs to be a global fight and all countries to sign up to make these changes together and not just a few countries. We are causing the financial destruction of our great nation with this oppressive agenda of going clean energy overnight.

Washington is making decisions for their own personal global agenda and not caring about its people. We have people in high powered areas of our government making rules and regulation for us that have no business experience and most of them never ran a coffee shop and these are the same people that are making a bad attempt to run the largest economy in the world. why are we as a nation electing people to power that are NOT qualified to do these jobs. We must be very careful, when voting going forward in finding people that are closely aligned with our values and what we expect from them to make our country strong and defend the people of the US in every decision they make. The problem is they could care less as they are not spending their own money it’s our tax dollars they are spending, and they never worked to earn these dollars.


This is a subject close to my hearth and I wrote extensively in two chapters about my own personal immigration story in chapter 7 and general immigration on chapter 8 in my new book BUSINESS OR POLITICAL PRESIDENT. Our immigration policies are a total disaster, and we are not capable of creating an immigration policy that’s good for this country. We have an open-door policy under this current immigration and why is this happening. We have about 5 -6 million illegal people enter our country from about 150 countries around the world. we have no idea where they came from what diseases they are bring to our shores. They were not tested for Covid-19 yet the American people went through hell being tested many losing their jobs because they would not take a vaccine that they were afraid off.  I do not know of any other country that is allowing this kind of Chaos to happen and this administration are doing nothing to stop it. you must ask yourself are they trying to destroy this country. I ask myself why they are flying these people around the country in private planes which logistically is a great feat and placing them in our inner cities and towns and cities all over this country. But they cannot unload ships of product at our ports and get them to us the consumers, so we have products for Christmas. These illegal people will find it hard to assimilate themselves into a different culture from where they came from. Who is paying for all these people to have housing, food, medical, schools and money to survive. Why would this administration put this massive burden on the American people when we are so financially broke with $T31 in debt and rising fast and we are not able to pay back our bills. No businessperson in the US would allow this kind of Chaos to happen as we cannot afford to do this. Yes, we can keep printing money but at what cost to the American people. We see the current value of our dollar when we go shopping. It’s a disaster and it will get to a point where we will be using this dollar to light fires with.  When President trump wanted $5B to finish they wall Nancy Pelosi said no yet she could authorize Trillion of dollars on wasteful spending project.


The current democratic administration is all about cutting costs of police funding to keep law and order in our country why?  again, you must ask yourself is this a commonsense decision to cut and layoff our police forces to allow criminals to run rampant around our cities in mostly democratic cities. We have seen so much violence in our cities during the past 2 years and this seems to be totally acceptable behavior for Democratic mayors and Governors. Again, they want chaos in our country is this the new normal if so, are we going to accept this for our great country. In my new Book BUSINESS OR POLITICAL PRESIDENT, I write in chapter 14 about law-and-order detailing what is going on and some solutions. I look at Chicago and there is so many killing every week and the mayor things she is doing a great job. We have war zones around the world that has less killings than Chicago in one weekend. This is not America, and every citizen should be concerned that this will not come to your city and your home.


I write extensively about this in my new Book BUSINESS OR POLITICAL PRESIDENT in chapter 3. This is a very extensive chapter because it a very important chapter detailing how we lost our soul to China. U.S created this monster that they must now deal with. They control much of our global supply chain and we see this now every day not being able to purchase products and waiting for 4- 6 months. China has exercised Predatory behavior for the past 25 years. Our addiction to China must stop. We transferred our complete Manufacturing to China which pushed down the price of goods for a short time, but we lost millions of manufacturing jobs, but we lost much of our economic and manufacturing independence. This is a country that has no rules and will do whatever it takes to try and control this world. Our politicians and CEO made a quick buck to put us in a situation to lose control of our manufacturing. Let’s look at antibiotics which 97% are made in China, I think this has put our country and our people in a very dangerous situation and I would think a matter of national security. China could say tomorrow morning we will no longer produce these medications for you and what would we do as a country, China is buying up our country from the inside out and I write about this extensively in my book the number of companies and land it now owns in the U.S. Why are our politicians allowing our enemies to purchase our assets. We cannot purchase land and companies in China. It seems we are gone soft as a nation. We need leaders with strength and courage to survive in a dangerous world.


The Biden White House has created the energy problem and then they announce an emergency arising from their bad decisions to close the energy sector, so basically, they created the problem and then they create an emergency and then asks OPEC to help us because we are in trouble.

So now we are at the mercy of OPEC, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela all countries that hate us. Now you must ask yourself again why a normal person would make such a bad decision. Are we trying to destroy our economy?

Yet President Biden waived sanctions against the Russia-owned company behind the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany. Reporters asked Biden why he was allowing the pipeline construction between Russia and Germany, despite it undermining NATO and American interests. His answer was because it is nearly finished. What a dumb answer.

Mr. President, I have some news for you. The Keystone XL Pipeline was also nearly finished, and our border wall was nearly finished. Why did you stop those two very important projects for our country and our citizens?

We could export all our oil and gas to Europe and continue to create more jobs and wealth for our own country and continue to strengthen our alliances with our European allies. This is the continuous destruction of our nation to make us all poor and destroy our good quality of life. We are now seeing the globalists at work destroying the very fabric of our society. Watch and you will see this in every topic I am writing about. We were energy independent, but President Biden and his Washington team want to destroy anything good for our country. We do not need any other country to supply us with oil. And why would President Biden take away this great advantage and put us at the mercy of foreign countries that hate us?

We already have a strained relationship between Canada and the US resulting from the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have carried 830,000 barrels of oil. And the continuous shutdown of cross-border travel because of Covid, now is a bad time to cause a further rift with our Canadian neighbors.

I believe President Biden wants to destroy the American energy sector. This is what it looks like when you put America Last. This is a far cry from Trump’s America First policies. How could two American presidents be so far apart in their policies?



POLITICAL DIVISION               76%                CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC   67%

HEALTHCARE                           76%                AMOUNT PAID IN TAXES     66%

WHAT SCHOOLS TEACH        73%              NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME        50%

UNEMPLOYMENT                  71%                CLIMATE CHANGE                   61%

FEDERAL DEFICIT                   70%


I believe Europe will have major blackouts and many people will be cold winter of 2022 all over Europe because of Russia being there only source of Oil and gas. Again, what is wrong with the leaders of Europe that would put all their eggs in one basket. They are many people in power that are globalists and are more in favor of the Green New Deal and banning fossil fuels to keep their economy running. I believe the free world is on the verge of collapse because its leadership are blinded and are fearful and do not exude strength on the world stage. Our own President shows weakness and if America is weak the world is weak, and we are putting ourselves in a situation where our adversaries will take advantage of this situation. Look at Russia holding Europe hostage for oil, look at China threatening t invade Taiwan. Look If this should happen, we will not have a chip for our products for years to come as Taiwan Semi-conductor is responsible for very high percentage of the manufacturing of these chips. We will be going back to the dark ages

Look at our withdrawal from Afghanistan a total disaster and I write about this in Chapter twenty-three of my new Book BUSINESS OR POLITICAL PRESIDENT which is on amazon about this in detail and how we have lost our credibility on the world stage

Let’s look at Donald Trump I don’t think he is running for President of the US. I think he is running to save the free world.

No matter what your beliefs in terms of policies, such as social welfare, military spending, globalization vs nationalism, what happens when you have a situation that has arisen with Joe Biden and the left without bounds, nobody should be manipulated, nobody should want a future with reckless spending, you and your kids are now paying a price for needless spending binge by the Democrats and some republicans. it’s lining corporate pockets and other international players. Nobody should want their kids being sexualized, nobody should want their homes and businesses subject to violence and destruction, nobody should want $5.50 a gallon milk of $6 dollar a gallon gas, and nobody should want US soldiers dying abroad for no reason. I would appeal to the reader that no matter which side of the coin you fall on, there is a better way than the current path that will certainly destroy what we have all enjoyed. It will destroy everyone’s path to success in favor of a few people at the top that crave that power and money. Yes, it’s true we all have different positions on issues, and most of us would be able to sit down and talk about them or should be able to sit and discuss so we can find the common ground in route to a resolution that works for everyone, and that’s what Donald Trump represented, a reasonable path forward, he believed in everyone’s rights, not just select people. Even people on the other side of the aisle should respect and appreciate that their rights to disagree would be protected, it’s important, without it, someday the tables will be turned, and they will need a voice like all of us do.

Without the America we knew under Donald Trump, there is no hope for a free world, and even the hopes of others currently under true oppression, like the women and children today in Afghanistan after our tragic withdrawal now know, there will be no freedom, the America we knew was the only thing standing between some people around the world, and oppression the like we have never seen before…

I believe we would not have the chaos around the world if Trump was President, because our enemies were afraid of him. They see him as an unknown factor. He is unpredictable and that is what we need in the White House a strong President that does not care about any other country then our own United States of America.

  • If President Biden and the EU had imposed heavy sanctions on Russia mid-December 2021 before Putin started marching towards Ukraine, we may not have the chaos and crisis going on in Ukraine.
  • If the Biden administration during the past twelve months were not so eager to destroy our energy independency created by President Trump, we would not be depending on Russia to sell us 500,000 barrels of oil per day. With all the sanctions we have imposed on Russia we will not be able to purchase oil from them. This will put a huge burden on the American People to pay more at the pumps. And let’s not forget heating oil for the winter months could be trebled. This is enormous financial burden to put upon the world.
  • If we had remained energy independent gas would have remained at the price of $1.90 per gallon and capable of supplying, all the US and helping our allies in Europe with all their oil and gas needs. This could have helped to solve the shortages they will endure during this war with Russia and Ukraine. This would have created millions of good paying jobs in the US and at the same time building strong alliances when selling our oil and gas to the European countries and making billions of dollars in revenue for the US economy. Trump had a good relationship with many of the world leaders
  • We would control the destiny of our country and that of Europe as regards not being dependent on rogue nations for our energy sources.
  • President Biden never discussed this in his state of the union address because he is beholden to the radical left and climate change.
  • He also never addressed any solutions on how to correct our inflation, illegal immigration at our border, labor challenges, supply logistics, out of control debt, and the opioid crisis.
  • John Kerry is still flying around the world hoping President Putin will join him in the climate change war. John Kerry needs a dose of reality that Putin will never conform to anything John Kerry is selling. Russia, China, India, and Iran could care less about President Biden’s climate change agenda. We need responsible adults in the White House to make serious decisions to get us back on track to be energy independent and I do not ever see this happening with this inept administration.
  • Therefore, I advocate for a business President who is an experienced CEO which would never make decisions like a Politician. Thus, our world would look very different in 2022 then the very dangerous situation we currently find ourselves on the edge being involved in a war with a superpower like Russia which is not a win for anyone. We should all be very concerned.
  • We have gone from an energy exporter to an energy importer all within the first twelve months of the Biden administration. How could he do this to the American people to cause them pain and suffering when purchasing gas in our already frail economy.  These are destructive decisions by President Biden who needs to reverse his course on the energy sector. Drill, Drill, Mr. President open the spigots and send a message to the world America is back and strong and energy independent and this will cripple Putin, but I will not hold my breath that he will make a real business decision to help the American people.
  • Is President Biden more worried about climate change than freedom and sovereignty? I think many know the answer to this question.


  • They would help create 10 million new jobs in 2 years.
  • Would help create 1 million new small businesses.
  • Would cut taxes to boost take-home pay and keep jobs in America.
  • Enact fair trade deals that protect American jobs.
  • Enact “Made in America” tax credits.
  • Expand Opportunity Zones.
  • Continue deregulatory agenda for energy independence.
  • Get US oil prices down to where they were in 2020.
  • Bring down inflation that is currently out of control.

End our Reliance on China

  • Bring back 1 million manufacturing jobs from China.
  • Tax credits for companies that bring back jobs from China.
  • Allow 100% expensing deductions for essential industries like pharmaceuticals and robotics that bring back their manufacturing to the United States.
  • No federal contracts for companies who outsource to China.
  • Hold China fully accountable for allowing the virus to spread around the world.


  • Cut prescription drug prices.
  • Put patients and doctors back in charge of our healthcare system.
  • Lower healthcare insurance premiums.
  • Cover all pre-existing conditions.
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare.
  • Protect our veterans and provide world-class healthcare and services.
  • Formulate a new world-class group of doctors and develop new solutions for these viruses, as they will never really go away.


  • Provide school choice to every child in America.
  • Make sure parents are involved in their children’s education.
  • Teach American Exceptionalism.
  • Get rid of Critical Race Theory.

Drain the Swamp

  • Pass congressional term limits.
  • End bureaucratic government bullying of US citizens and small businesses.
  • Expose Washington’s money trail and delegate powers back to people and states.
  • Drain the globalist swamp by taking on international organizations that hurt American citizens.

Fund our police

  • Fully fund and retrain and hire more police and law enforcement officers.
  • Increase criminal penalties for assaults on law enforcement officers.
  • Prosecute drive-by shootings as acts of domestic terrorism.
  • Bring violent extremist groups like Antifa to justice.
  • End cashless bail and keep dangerous criminals locked up until trial.

End illegal immigration and protect American workers

  • Block illegal immigrants from becoming eligible for taxpayer-funded welfare, healthcare, and free college tuition.
  • Mandatory deportation for non-citizen gang members.
  • Dismantle human trafficking networks.
  • End Sanctuary Cities to restore our neighborhoods and protect our families.
  • Prohibit American companies from replacing United States citizens with lower-cost foreign workers.
  • Require new immigrants to be able to support themselves financially.

Innovate for the future

  • Launch Space Force, establish a permanent manned presence on the Moon, and send the first manned mission to Mars.
  • Build the world’s greatest infrastructure system.
  • Win the global race to 5G and establish a national high-speed wireless internet network.
  • Continue to lead the world in access to the cleanest drinking water and cleanest air.
  • Partner with other nations to clean up our planet’s oceans.

America First foreign policy

  • Stop endless wars and bring our troops home.
  • Get allies to pay their fair share of expenditure.
  • Maintain and expand America’s unrivaled military strength.
  • Wipe out global terrorists who threaten to harm Americans.
  • Build a great cybersecurity defense system and missile defense system.
  • Oppose any country that uses cybersecurity in our infrastructure with our cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Let’s do a serious analysis of our military bases around the world as we need to close many of them as we do not need that many let’s cut costs.

2022 will be an interesting time when the US House of Representatives shifts power to the Republican Party in a landslide victory, and we will see big changes in this country. Republicans will then take over the Senate and the presidency will go back to the Republicans either under the leadership of President Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis or President Trump running for president with Governor DeSantis as VP. This would be a combination of two great leaders working together to make America great again.

I just want to see common sense applied to making decisions in Washington and I don’t care whether they are Democrats or Republicans. Just protect and care for this wonderful country and its people.

To summarize under the Democratic Party, we have the following:

  • Highest inflation in 40 years at 7% and rising.
  • The highest gas prices were $1.87 under Trump. It was $3.85 under Biden in fall 2021.
  • Open borders policies: we could have 6 million illegally entering our country in 2022 and every year moving forward unless the Biden administration decided to implement the Trump policies, which they have so far failed to do.
  • No Covid testing for these illegal immigrants crossing our border.
  • Pushing Covid mandates and not allowing people to go to work and the continuous selling of vaccines and destroying our economy.
  • Jobs gone to China.
  • Washington out of control spending.
  • Chaos in our Democratic states and cities where we have no law and order.
  • Defunding the police, resulting in robberies, burning, and looting across our country.
  • Selling out to China.
  • Supply chain crisis.
  • Congress agreeing to increase the debt ceiling again.
  • Continuous printing of money and pushing for $4.8 trillion Build Back Better programs.
  • Millions leaving Democratic states to the red states.
  • The Green New Deal may cost the US trillions of dollars that we do not have to spend.

How President Trump was seen by one-half of the country, and how the other half saw President Trump.

  • Many saw President Trump as a Republican, many saw President Trump as a man of the people and a true patriot.
  • Many saw cities burning and people getting injured and killed, and many called it Trump’s America. Many others saw violence in Democratic-run cities whose mayors and governors refused to stop the violence and refused the assistance of President Trump.
  • Some are looking for someone like Barack Obama who would be more presidential but got nothing done. Countless others want a president who walks the walk and is fearless and gets the job done. This is not a personality contest. It is the survival of the fittest in this tough new world.
  • Many see our country with a struggling economy in 2021. I see Trump with the best economy in the history of our country until the coronavirus came to our country, compliments of China.
  • Many accused President Trump of ending immigration. Many saw President Trump welcoming all immigrants from all over the world legally. There is a waiting list from all over the world that should be implemented. Look at President Biden’s policy: now 200,000-plus illegal immigrants crashing through our border every month illegally with no controls and no vaccines mandated for them. Vaccine mandates are just for the American citizen but not for illegal immigrants. I wonder why? Is it because US citizens cannot sue pharmaceuticals companies providing vaccines? Could illegal immigrants coming from other countries around the world possibly sue?
  • Many saw President Trump as rough around the edges and with no finesse. I see him as something new and fresh to Washington.
  • Many saw President Trump as an arrogant man; many others saw President Trump full of confidence and not afraid of anything. This is very important when you have enemies around the world who want to destroy you. You see, no one is afraid of President Biden. I will let you decide why.
  • Many saw President Trump as a nationalist; others saw President Trump as a great patriot who cares about our country.
  • You hear President Trump’s unpolished words; many others heard President Trump’s sincerity and honesty.
  • Many constantly saw President Trump as racist; others saw President Trump’s words being changed and twisted by some media to fit their lying narrative. The word racist is a divisive word and used by elites to cause more strife and division within our country.
  • Some saw President Trump as a total dictator; others saw President Trump as a great leader for our country and the world.
  • Some saw President Trump as a petulant child; others saw him as a great gladiator and fighter for our country. I think we would all agree now after watching President Biden’s performance, we need a fighter in the White House.
  • Many saw President Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave into the lies.
  • Some saw President Trump as an authoritarian; many saw the Democratic Party as the ruling elite who needed to be routed. Half the country saw President Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms.
  • Some said Mr. Trump was a danger when he took the car ride around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Many saw a man honoring his supporters for their diligence, thoughts, and prayers.
  • When President Trump got Covid-19, many said he was not serious. He was the one who got it and was making a point not to be fearful. This is curable and survivable and now he could speak to the American people about the symptoms and possible cures that could be around the corner, thanks to his great leadership. He made the FDA loosen their strict regulations so that he could unleash pharmaceutical companies to discover a drug that hopefully cures this horrible virus.

This country needs a dose of kindness, honesty, a willingness to be gracious to accept the will of the people for whoever the voters elect as president. I see so much hatred and anger all around me. It is time to let all this go. I have no idea where all this came from so quickly.

I urge the Democratic Party to clean up their act and get some new fresh faces in leadership roles with fresh new ideas and get rid of the old, rotten apples who are contaminating the rest of the party. A word of advice to the left-wing portion of the Democratic Party: this country will never be a communist country, so take your hateful speech to some other country that will welcome whatever you’re selling.

I was so happy to see one Democrat who had the courage and will to stand up for what he believes is correct as he said he could not go home and explain to his constituents what the Biden administration was selling with their $4.8 trillion Build Back Better plan. That man is a great Democratic patriot and best wishes should be sent to his office for saving this country as this was a tough decision to stand against your own party. Who is this great courageous man? He is Senator Joe Manchin, (D). He has been attacked by his party and threaten but alas he has stood his ground. Thank you very much.